Рояль сайт казино

сайт казино рояль. Юмор, Драма — конфликтные отношения героев с обществом или друг с другом, напряженные и активные переживания различных.

Казино «Рояль» (фильм, ) — Википедия

Фильм Казино Рояль () — Casino Royale — James Bond 21 — Bond Begins — актеры и роли — голливудские фильмы казино рояль сайт Кино-Театр.РУ. Отзывы и рецензии казино рояль сайт на фильм Казино Рояль () — Casino Royale. положительных из отзывов на КиноПоиске. Профессиональные. Казино Рояль () – Casino Royale – Всё о фильме: даты выхода, актеры, трейлеры, фото. Отзывы зрителей и профессиональные.

105 thoughts on “Рояль сайт казино

  1. Tom Fields

    This is my favorite James Bond opening credits sequence, I love the departure from the usual credit scene with the rock and action sequence going on hits just right. Other than that tho this ain’t one of my favorite Bond movies

  2. allypezz

    I remember seeing the music video for this song and really liked it. Thought it was going to be stuck on to the end credits because it was Chris Cornell.

  3. Kazerian-the-XII

    A lot was riding on Daniel Craig for this movie. I remember the media dragging him thru the mud before the film was even released. Bond fans turned on him and all he asked for was a chance. And here we are 4 Bond movies later and one yet to be released. He actually turned out to be a pretty good James Bond.

  4. Samuel Barber

    My favourite Bond song for my favourite Bond film

  5. Jakub Sedlák

    All the respect to the entire series, no question, no doubt. But I honestly think that Casino Royale is the best Bond movie. If I am wrong, its the case of being wrong I dont mind enjoying.

  6. Micky Hernandez

    Como se llama la rola banda

  7. Omar Diaz

    ¿Thats a desert eagle?

  8. Ahmad Rino

    Id it had a japanese song I would have thought it was an anime opening

  9. Nenad Popovic

    Its one of the best Bond movies ever

  10. Samuel Barber

    Since this film is basically an origin story, I like to think this basically M’s warning to Bond about becoming a 00

  11. BULATAO Channel 195

    Notice the pattern:
    Casino Royale — 95%
    Quantum of Solace — 64%
    Skyfall — 92%
    Spectre — 63%

  12. Kannix Mononoke

    This def feels like an anime opening…

  13. pancito

    What an amazing song and intro to introduce a new Bond.

  14. Immanuel Ntim-Addae

    Am I the only one who prefers this to Skyfall?

  15. Fabiano

    …and Ethan Hunt…


  16. Cooper Wolfe

    I don’t know if this is a controversial statement, but in my opinion Casino Royale is the best Bond film in the Daniel Craig era. I have nothing against Skyfall, but I never bought into the relationship between Bond and M. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was cool that Skyfall was in a way a tribute to Judi Dench’s M after she played the character for 17 years. But if the Craig films are a reboot and the Bond films pre-Casino Royale don’t exist then their relationship only goes from Casino Royale to Skyfall, and I just didn’t think their were enough moments in those three films to warrant me to feel super emotional when M died in Skyfall. I just felt with Casino Royale even though they were only in one movie together, I bought into the relationship between Bond and Vesper and I could feel the sadness in Bond when Vesper died. Which I would say is impressive because nobody believes that James Bond is really going to resign from the secret service, but I still feel the emotional gut-punch every time I watch the scene where Vesper dies.
    I think that another reason I prefer Casino Royale is because (and again what I’m going to say might be controversial) I think that You Know My Name is not only the best theme song in the Craig era, but one of if not the best song in the entire series.

  17. Darrin Brunner

    Im glad they had so much trouble buying back the rights to this movie. It gave them time to improve. If this had been the first Bond movie, made with Connery back in the 60s, there may not have been another Bond movie.

  18. Hfar

    Eh. Great visuals but the song itself doesnt really light my fire.

  19. Александр Кошкарёв

    My 007 fauforirite theme

  20. Lic. Luis Moreno

    Best bond theme song ,goddam

  21. RD MC

    To me, these opening titles were a bold statement that there was a new, edgier Bond. By the end, I was thinking, Pierce who?

  22. Mongo Boogie

    Absolutely! I love the graphics in this opening sequence! It’s sort of like all the other bond movies before it, but unique in its own right. I still think This version of Casino Royale is one of the best Bond Movies ever ! And what a debut for Daniel Craig! Comparable to Doctor No and Live and Let Die and Lisence to Kill and Goldeneye. The question remains how is the next Bond Debut going to fare after No Time To Die has its moment.

  23. dumdum theboy

    best song film Bond ever.

  24. Guyome Malik

    Cornell for ever we will never forget you

  25. Κωνσταντίνος Ξενιτόπουλος


  26. david bryant

    Incredible opening and just a bad-ass song. Nobody could sing this but Chris Cornell.

  27. Vindix007

    RIP Chris Cornell.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  28. James Holt

    3 minutes and 17 seconds of pure perfection on screen. Need i actually say 2 hours and 20 minutes of pure perfection.

  29. Phil Hatfield

    I took my Mom to see this opening week and I was figuring that it was going to disappoint me, but after the first ten minutes I said to myself: This is working.

  30. Uchiha Jin

    I wish Daniel Craig play a character in Sicario movie :))

  31. sspartan Dihasss

    Loved skyfall opening more…

  32. Shiny Giratina

    the only bad part of this movie is that Bond isnt using ppk.

  33. Immanuel Ntim-Addae

    And they said Bond could not have an anime opening

  34. Pr0phet

    If this doesnt make you want to put on a suit and tie what will

  35. TheIntratec9


  36. Jenkins Family

    That opening horn riff, ugh yeah

  37. SNIPER PUG 1234!

    CHRIS CORNELL!!!!!!!!!

  38. Eliott Sztimer

    sorry but skyfall is really the best 007 opening ive ever seen 😎

  39. GreyWolfLeaderTW

    Casino Royales opening really made the film feel like a return to form for the Bond series. Not since Goldeneye had Bond felt so stylish and faithful to the particular class that the original Bond stories and early films had.

  40. history hunter90

    Good old Chris Cornell! Rest in peace to you sir! 👍

  41. MrGamer 1234

    The symbolism and artwork is done so well!

  42. Matcha Creme

    It’s a very 2000s intro, but still amazing. One of the best. Reminds a little of superhot in some weird way

  43. DoubleChampion2020

    Im sad knowing No Time to Die will definitely be Craigs last go as 007! Hes the fuckin 🐐 Joe Rogan hit it on the head the other day, if theres ever been a 007 thats a believable killer-bad ass, its Daniel Craig. He really really nailed it!! Great movies too!

  44. 김평진

    the best opening sequence ever

  45. Unpetcouille

    It si not good next to skyfall and spectre

  46. ScorePN

    Damn opening was so good it made me tear up a bit 🥺

    1. Hilman Sadakir

      This my most favorite James Bonds opening… so artistic and eye pleasant…

  47. Onlim Kun

    Лучший аниме опенинг что я видел.

  48. aromax504

    The Best Bond song , Best Bond opening and nonetheless the Best Bond movie

  49. J N

    I didnt enjoy any of Craigs Bond movies but I think Casino Royale is one of the best intro sequences in Bond history

  50. Jenkins Family

    The song by itself is great, but when you mix up those orchestral horns, ooh boy. Chills

  51. Aditya Pai

    Daniel Craig was made for James Bond. He is ruthless yet charming and smart at the same time.

  52. Leon Scott Kennedy

    0:59-1:30 Bond enters the realm of superhot

  53. X

    If you take a life do you know what youll give?

    Odds are, you wont like what it is

    When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me?

    By the merciless eyes of deceit?

    Ive seen angels fall from blinding heights

    But you yourself are nothing so divine

    Just next in line

    Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you

    The odds will betray you

    And I will replace you

    You cant deny the prize it may never fulfill you

    It longs to kill you

    Are you willing to die?

    The coldest blood runs through my veins

    You know my name

    If you come inside things will not be the same

    When you return to the night

    And if you think youve won

    You never saw me change

    The game that we all been playing

    Ive seen diamonds cut through harder men

    Than you yourself

    But if you must pretend

    You may meet your end

    Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you

    The odds will betray you

    And I will replace you

    You cant deny the prize it may never fulfill you

    It longs to kill you

    Are you willing to die?

    The coldest blood runs through my veins

    Try to hide your hand

    Forget how to feel

    Forget how to feel

    Life is gone with just a spin of the wheel

    Spin of the wheel

    Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you

    The odds will betray you

    And I will replace you

    You cant deny the prize it may never fulfill you

    It longs to kill you

    Are you willing to die?

    The coldest blood runs through my veins

    You know my name

    You know my name

    You know my name

    You know my name

    You know my name

    You know my name

    You know my name

  54. Dadya Russki

    Love it!!!
    My favorite Bond😍🍸

  55. The7thLegend

    Me and my family was watching this movie and suddendly during the intro my littlebrother wanted to skip it!

  56. Brodie Larson

    The opening is SO AWESOME!!!

  57. Erik S

    Gonna miss daniel craig as bond imo next to Sean connery hes the best one

    1. Jessie Fairbottom Cornbread

      He’s the best for me, mainly because he’s the bond I grew up watching

  58. Bond James Bond

    This is still one of my favorite opening credit scene, along with On Her Majesties Secret Service

  59. I wasent crazy until I met you

    I like this one
    Because it just shows 007 as a lone figure rather a agent provacateur

  60. wenaldy

    Martin Campbell should be a mandatory director for Bond debut.

  61. Dante Crailman


    Now thats a good throwback to GoldenEye which Martin Campbell also directed in the past!

  62. Erdem Memisyazici

    3:14 That look ties directly into Daniel Craigs role as the nameless man in Layer Cake. I realize most of these comments are auto-generated and no computer is going to catch the subtlety to recognize that but someone had to mention it. Scene in question:

  63. Ратмир Цой

    Я один подумал про вектор

  64. Kade Sitton

    Is this where they got the idea for Superhot?

  65. Samuel Barber

    Can we have more of this style Bond intro? I always preferred the bombastic rock songs to the slow sad ones they’ve been using since Skyfall

  66. Lucius

    I like how this intro shows that Bond is a normal man and he can be hitted because movies became more realistic

  67. Film Fantastic

    No, Feeling good would have been the better choice

  68. Awful Waffle

    I loved this opening because it set the tone for these series of Bond films. theyre taking a serious approach from the campier ones in the past.

  69. D NOLA

    Nice to see this pop-up. I remember when I saw this in theaters, and I KNEW theyd nailed this re-boot of the series. Still the best OP of the Craig era, both the song and the graphics.

  70. Xiao Long Pan

    Doesn’t have the original gun barrel feeling

  71. Keagan Valentine

    Honest to God if I can be real with you guys a second. I hated Vesper Lynd. Every time I saw her I wanted to chuck my remote through the TV.

  72. Christian Seiler

    Casino Royale is one of the best bond movies, along with Skyfall and Goldfinger.

  73. Hazael Kanah

    The name is BOND, JAMES BOND.

  74. Erkka Kristian Tuomisto

    I just love this.

  75. Caio Leandro

    The best intro for the best James Bond film.

  76. Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell

    2:04 🎵I’ve seen this diamond cut through hardened men…🎵

    *shows a large diamond cutting through a possibly hardened man*

  77. Bradley Atkins88

    The best openings include this, Dr. No, and Goldfinger. Rip to both Cornell and Connery.

  78. Joel Cayetano

    Recuerdo mucho este opening como si fuera ayer. 😢

  79. Cliff Preston

    Best Bond theme from the Daniel Craig era Bond films.

  80. Bryce Frick

    2:45 I see what you did there

  81. Omar Diaz

    The movie was going to be called you know my name.

  82. HR Studio

    First film Daniel Craig as james bond 👍

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